The Swine Flu Conspiracy


The Medal of Honor is awarded to those performing heroically in battle. Other medals are presented to those standing tall for freedom or risking their lives to save others. But there is one medal that although richly deserved can never be given. For if the hero, a former Russian agent who with the help of an American Jew preserved the lives of 213 million Americans in 1976, was ever identified, it could mean his immediate death. At the least, we own him the right to tell his story incognito -- the unknown hero!

By John Deaux

The year 1976 was going to be the two hundredth anniversary of the United States of America. As the United States prepared for its Bicentennial celebration, a rogue Russian agent was preparing a catastrophic birthday present. He and his small group of special agents were conspiring to eliminate the entire two hundred and thirteen million American citizens through the first use of a biological weapon of mass destruction. The deception was so complete it was mandated by congressional legislation and sanctioned by the Center for Disease Control. This book chronicles the events leading up to and through this plot and the successful termination of the plot by two men -- one Russian and one American. I am that Russian.

If I do not write this book it will never be written. Two other living individuals know the details regarding what occurred in 1976. Both are Americans and both were prominent political names at the time. They will deny these events or have no comment. All little players were eliminated as part of a cleanup operation following the successful termination of the plot. Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev have passed away. If I die before completing this book, these events will never be known!

Why write this chronicle? Certainly not for financial gain as I am well set for the remainder of my life. I believe the American public can deal with the truth. People need the truth so they can learn and grow from the knowledge. Many lessons can be learned from this near disaster which would have caused more deaths than all wars ever fought by the United States combined!

Do not look for me -- it is futile! The name I was given at birth in the USSR would have no meaning to anyone at this point. My one and only superior did not know my name, nor did I know his.

This book is not written for any literary gains as evidenced by my use of a pseudonym and the fact that it is free on the Internet! The title "published author" has no appeal to me. However, if the manuscript survives, this record of events will be available for future historians and my story will have been told.

A secondary goal is to honor the one American who assisted me in preventing this tragedy. Americans do not recognize the true greatness of this foreign born American citizen. I took an oath to wait twenty years before divulging this information. That time has more than expired and I hope he forgives me for writing this exposé.

I'm no Leo Tolstoy and this is not War and Peace. Little time and effort are spent describing the landscape, developing people's character, and other such literary details. Also, too many sentences begin with the word "I." However, I'm simply writing down what happened, and it happened to me. A professional ghostwriter would have eliminated these deficiencies, but that would have brought in a third party and compromised my present identification and possibly the location of my family.

Although every event in this novel actually occurred and the significant events can be readily verified in the history books, this is an entirely fictional work. If ever discovered, that will continue to be my testimony. Read between the lines and you historians look up the important events and dates in any of your sources.

See if this narrative could be anything other than -- FICTION!

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