Chapter 1

All the Dead Children

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.

And therefore ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

                                                                                          -- John Donne

On June 20, 2001, five children were murdered in Houston, Texas. Andrea Yates has now been found not guilty by reason of insanity after confessing to drowning her five young children in the family's bathtub. Her past contains a history of mental problems and postpartum depression.

Although her defense was based on insanity, she has explained in simple, easy to understand language, why she killed her children. Three weeks after the drownings Andrea told psychiatrist Philip Resnick she was failing as a mother and believed she had to kill the children to keep them from going to hell. "These were their innocent years. God would take them up." If she did not take action, the children would be destined for eternal damnation. "They did a lot of silly stuff and didn't obey. They did things God didn't like."

The Yates family was a religious, Christian family. At age seven, the eldest child was nearing the "age of accountability." This is the age after which many Christians believe a person must accept Jesus Christ as their Savior to avoid an eternity of torture in hellfire. Andrea Yates was very concerned about the eternal home of her children. She stated all of her children were in their innocent years. What exactly did she mean by this statement? Sin is the transgression of God's laws, or commandments:

For sin is the transgression of the law.                    (I John 3:4)

However, to commit a sin one must first recognize that the act is a sin:

To him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.                                    (James 4:17)

For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.       (Romans 5:13)

In their innocent years, implied none of her children were sufficiently old or educated to recognize sinful actions. That is, they had no law. If they were to die before ever knowingly committing a sin, it is taught that their "souls" go immediately to heaven and live with God for eternity. Ask any Christian clergyman for verification that the children's souls are presently in heaven. That is exactly what I did. I emailed the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association asking where the five murdered children were. They responded that they did not know where the remains of the children were, then continued to state:

"What is more important, however, is where the souls of these children are. God, in His mercy and love, watches over little children who are taken by death, and they go to be with Him in heaven."
They confirm Mrs. Yates statement that, "God would take them up," and assert that the children's souls are presently in heaven with God! Thus Mrs. Yates achieved her goal! Would all five have gone to heaven and averted an eternity in the fires of hell if allowed to live past their innocent years?

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.              (Matthew 7:13-14)

It is difficult to place a number or percentage on many and few in a group of five. It is entirely possible all five could "enter in at the strait gate" through their own efforts. Likewise, it is also possible all five could enter the wide gate that "leadeth to destruction," even though being raised in a Christian environment. However, based on current mainstream "Christian" theology, the only guaranteed method whereby absolutely none of the Yates children would burn in hell for eternity was for them to pass away while in their innocent years! If they lived past their innocent years, it would require an active action on their part to avoid their souls burning in hellfire for eternity. As quoted previously from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association email: God, in His mercy and love, watches over little children who are taken by death, and they go to be with Him in heaven.

Mrs. Yates was additionally concerned because she had already noticed that, "They did things God didn't like." This was under the sheltered existence of home schooling and Christian guidance. Surely they would be severely tested when encountering alcohol, drugs, sex, and other worldly influences. Therefore, she performed an extremely difficult unselfish act and sent her children to be with God while they were still innocent. She made the decision for them. They would never have to overcome worldly pleasures and temptations and accept Jesus. She decided in the affirmative while they were still innocent. What consequences did she expect for saving her children? Mrs. Yates stated to the police that she wanted to be punished for the crime and was prepared to go to hell for what she had done.

Mrs. Yates informed psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz that she wasn't thinking about Satan at the time of the killings but was praying her four sons would go to heaven. Apparently she was not certain all the boys were still "in their innocent years." However, she had no concern about six-month old Mary because "she was the most innocent of all of them."

Dr. Dietz asked Mrs. Yates if she thought Satan still lived within her. "No, he left when I committed my crime," Yates said. "He destroys then he leaves." Dr. Dietz then asked, "Doesn't he take your soul?" "When I die," Mrs. Yates replied. Does this sound familiar? It does if you were raised in the Christian faith as presently taught. If she had been an atheist, the children might still be alive.

With no challenge or dissent, this crime has been solely attributed to mental illness. Mental disorders can be extremely difficult to diagnose with 100% accuracy. Mrs. Yates has been diagnosed throughout this tragic event as having postpartum depression, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder.

If these murders are attributable to mental illness, then which of the four diagnosed mental disorders planted this idea of filicide (murdering ones children) in her head? Did postpartum depression create her belief that the souls of innocent children go immediately to God upon their death? No! Did schizophrenia generate this belief in her mind? No! What about the schizoaffective disorder? No! Then it must have been the bipolar disorder? Once again, absolutely not! Where did she learn this belief? It is taught by virtually every Christian church in the world!

Great evangelists confirm that the children are in heaven. Mrs. Yates committed this altruistic act in the best interests of her children because she loved them! Based on religious teachings, she eliminated any chance of her children burning eternally in the fires of hell. If her main concern was the eternal welfare of her children, then she is now a success!

She may not have murdered her children if she was not mentally ill. No one will ever know. She may not have murdered her children if she had not been taught that the souls of innocent children go immediately to be with God in heaven when they die, thus avoiding the possibility of eternal torment in the fires of hell. Once again, no one will ever know. However, as an absolute minimum, this false teaching made the tragic crime easier to commit! It was a very rational deed to perform. Logically it made sense to her and others!

Upon hearing of her crime, many wanted to place this mentally ill woman on death row, then go after the children's devastated father. Someday I'd like to track him down and hug him. Can anyone imagine his feelings of helplessness, loneliness, and sorrow? Andrea Pia Yates should not have to bear full responsibility for this crime. Anyone who ever helped teach this belief or financially assisted in the teaching of this belief is partly responsible for the deaths of Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary Yates -- as well as many other children! I am partially responsible, as are many of you! I beg Mrs. Yates' forgiveness!

Now that her trial is over, isn't it only fair that every Christian church and television evangelist in the nation teaching this theology step forward and accept their responsibility in this tragedy? Although she was mentally ill, she was logically acting on what they have always preached. All churches teaching this theology should come together in an effort to praise her, build a statue of her, and place her image in stained glass windows. Here is a woman who believed and had faith in their teachings! She sacrificed herself so that her children would live forever in heaven. Her fate is to suffer eternally in the fires of hell. The magnitude of her sacrifice is staggering! Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for all mankind when He died on the cross for our sins. The Bible proclaims:

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.             (John 15:13)

Jesus' death does not approach the sacrifice Andrea Pia Yates was prepared to make for her children! She was prepared to be executed by the state of Texas, then spend eternity in the fires of hell! If she in fact goes to hell, present Christian theology teaches us that one billion trillion years from now, she will still be burning alive, while her children are safe in heaven! In comparison, the six hour crucifixion of Jesus Christ was trivial. If anyone fits the definition of a martyr, she does!

Sadly, no Christian organization anywhere will step forward to admit any guilt whatsoever. They will circle the wagons, pray, sing songs, praise the Lord, hope it goes away, and stay in denial. That woman was crazy, possessed by the devil! Indeed, many have already forgotten this tragic event! Society will once again treat this as one isolated act committed by one severely depressed mother. Is that actually the case? Absolutely not! There is a long history of Christian mothers murdering their innocent children to save them from burning eternally in hell. We should expect more killings in the future. Why? The population of the United States is over three hundred million. Tens of millions of these are young Christian women with children.

Where do Christian mothers who become severely depressed for whatever reason, turn for help and guidance in escaping their seemingly inescapable situations? Psychiatric help? No. Most do not even realize they are mentally ill. They seek help from their main source of strength as they have been taught. Their religion! Thus, there are thousands or even millions of possible filicides waiting to occur in the United States alone. Some of these depressed Christian mothers who can no longer cope may decide to save their innocent children by sending them to live with God in heaven. All of these future killings are avoidable. Would God create a system whereby it is logically a good choice to sacrifice our innocent children?

I learned the truth over twenty-five years ago and cannot rationalize my lack of action once again. Let me be one Christian to step forward. When Mrs. Yates reached the depths of her mental illness and depression she resorted to the same religious teachings which millions of other Christians, including myself, have been taught since childhood! She is no different from the vast majority of other Christians in her beliefs. Tragically, she reached the point of acting on these false "Christian" teachings. I cannot do nothing once again. I must try to make a change!

Where will you find the true answers regarding your eternity? Sadly, this truth is not to be found in most churches, television evangelistic programs, or crusades. You will find the answers in a book, which many Christian clergy warn against reading without careful guidance. That book is the Holy Bible, a translation of the scriptures. The scriptures are the inspired words of God:

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:              (II Timothy 3:16)

Christian churches claim their doctrine is based on scripture. In actuality, most use the Bible to "prove" beliefs they are born with and which their parents and pastors taught them, selecting small portions of the entire Bible. The words of the scriptures are sealed from their understanding:

And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I cannot for it is sealed:(Isaiah 29:11)

Today's churches and clergy as a whole do not understand the Bible! Why are wonderful men and women of God misleading you? It is not intentional. The vast majority are totally sincere in their beliefs and efforts. They are cycling. That is, they are teaching exactly what they were taught from their youth. It is what they sincerely believe, not what is in the Bible. They misinterpret the Bible to meet their predisposed beliefs and are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing, misleading others by continuing to teach their inherited beliefs. They cannot break the cycle. They do not even recognize the problem and feel good about their work even though their teachings logically support the murder of children. These wonderful Christian people are humans just as you and I, and the Bible is sealed from their understanding until the time of the end:

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and   knowledge shall be increased.              (Daniel 12:4)

If the churches were interfering with Satan's efforts, is it not logical that Satan would be fighting them? But in the eyes of men, churches continue to prosper with larger and larger flamboyant sanctuaries and cathedrals. Clergymen clothe themselves in royal robes and attach multiple honorary doctoral degrees to their names. Many have become prosperous and powerful. We tend to worship the messengers as much as the message. Is this what we should expect from our churches and men of God? Look at what Jesus said would happen to His followers:

Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will   also persecute you...              (John 15:20)

Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.        (John 16:2)

Not only do we not persecute religious leaders, we tend to worship them. We give them titles such as Reverend, Doctor, Cardinal, and Father, although the Bible clearly states:

And call no one your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.   (Matthew 23:9)

Regardless of whether you believe the Bible or not, shouldn't you at least know what it actually states? You may not be hearing the true gospel message in your church. Why does it matter? False Bible teachings recently cost five young lives! Isn't that sufficient reason? False teachings create unhappy Christians and keep untold numbers from knowing Jesus Christ. Let's try something different. Let's have a revolution! Let's discover and begin teaching the true gospel message of love in our churches before the next innocent child is murdered! Let's begin to unseal the scriptures as we approach the end times! Millions of people, Christian or otherwise, live in fear of themselves or their loved ones burning in hell eternally. Today's Christianity is a religion of fear and worry!

There is no major difference between any of the largest Christian denominations' basic beliefs. These common erroneous basic beliefs are:

Common Erroneous "Christian" Beliefs

1)    Man is born as an immortal soul living within a physical body.

2)     If man accepts Jesus as his Savior prior to his death, his soul goes
        immediately to heaven for eternity when his physical body dies.

3)     If man does not accept Jesus as his Savior, his soul goes immediately
         to hell for eternity when his physical body dies.

4)     At the resurrection, man's eternal soul is merged back with his resurrected
         eternal physical body.

As long as this erroneous theology is taught, expect the periodic murder of children by distraught Christian parents to continue!

Likewise, expect the unnecessary fear and worry over the eternal fate of one's unsaved friends and loved one's to continue!

And expect those teaching this false theology to continue denying any responsibility!

Ask your pastor if this is not the basic theology of your church. Notice that every belief following the first is a direct result of the first false belief, man's immortality! If man lives forever, he must reside somewhere. Therefore, beliefs two and three assign homes to man's immortal soul. Christian theologians assign heaven as the eternal home of those who believe in Jesus Christ, while condemning all others to eternal hellfire. But spiritual bodies such as the soul do not experience pain. It is simply not fair that nonbelievers live for eternity in hell with no corporal punishment! Therefore, belief four reunites the soul with an incorruptible physical body at the resurrection. This physical body can suffer pain but never die. Now nonbelievers can experience excruciating pain every second for eternity. Ah, that is now a complete and perfect system!

However, obvious questions arise due to the above theology. How does it benefit God for the majority of mankind to burn eternally in the fires of hell? How does this equate with "God is Love"? Does God truly love us or hate us? Do these false teachings drive more people away from the church than are saved by the church? Where might one discover the true teachings of Christianity? The true good news of Christianity can be found in the scriptures. We have had too much of this fear, misery, and nonsense!

Although Christian theologians confirm that Mrs. Yates succeeded in saving her children from hell and sending them directly to live with God in heaven, she will be extremely disappointed to learn that this theology is a myth!

This book is dedicated to Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary Yates; and other children murdered over the years by their misguided Christian parents in a futile effort to send them to live with God in heaven eternally! More of these innocent victims are listed below. If you know someone who is missing from the dedication list, please e-mail us the victim's name and any substantiating information. Click here to e-mail us. Click on any victim's name below for details of their tragic and unnecessary passing:

Victims                 Age at Death                      Date of Death
Antonio Lopez                         9                       July 19, 2005
Erik Lopez                         2                       July 19, 2005
Margaret Schlosser                       10 months                       Nov 23, 2004
Joshua Keith Laney                         8                       May 10, 2003
Luke Allen Laney                         6                       May 10, 2003
Samantha Mae Martin                         6                       March 29, 2002
Noah Yates                         7                       June 20, 2001
John Yates                         5                       June 20, 2001
Paul Yates                         3                       June 20, 2001
Luke Yates                         2                       June 20, 2001
Mary Yates                        6 months                       June 20, 2001
Nicholas Lemak                         7                       March 4, 1999
Emily Lemak                         6                       March 4, 1999
Thomas Lemak                         3                       March 4, 1999
Kouaeai Hang                         11                       Sept 3, 1998
Kouaeai Samson Hang                         9                       Sept 3, 1998
Nali Hang                         8                       Sept 3, 1998
Tang Lung Hang                         7                       Sept 3, 1998
Aee Hang                         6                       Sept 3, 1998
Tung Ke Hang                         5                       Sept 3, 1998
Justin Thomas Riggs                         5                       Nov 4, 1997
Shelby Alexis Riggs                         2                       Nov 4, 1997
Christina Gindorf                       23 months                       March 28, 1985
Jason Gindorf                         3 months                       March 28, 1985

In the week following the murders of the Yates children, Newsweek Magazine reported that Andrea Yates must have been "possessed by a demonic energy," as she "methodically" killed her children, "laying them out on the bed wrapped in sheets like little Christian martyrs." On the problem in general of mothers murdering their children, Newsweek continued, "About 200 children are killed by their mothers every year according to Justice statistics. Sometimes moms blame the devil. Or they think they are saving their children from a hellish life by sending them to heaven." Christians reinforce this belief after each occurrence by affirming that the murdered children are in heaven with God!

If you are a Christian and are content that your God created a system whereby the vast majority of mankind will burn in hellfire for eternity, then stop reading this. But in all fairness, please remove all references that "God is love" from your Bibles! Then continue living in worry and fear regarding the salvation of your family and friends. On the other hand, if you want to be courageous and accomplish something truly worthwhile in your life, read the Bible and discover the truth:

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.             (John 8:32)

Support efforts to better understand, prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illnesses such as postpartum depression which can result in these tragedies. Ask your pastors to discuss, study, and debate the theology relied on by these mentally ill mothers to justify their acts. Part of your pastor's job is to answer your questions. Stand up and be counted! Each child's death diminishes you because you are part of mankind. Therefore, you can make a difference! Make that change! You can change the world!

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