Chapter 31


No human will suffer in the fires of hell for eternity, as taught by mainstream Christianity! This theology is a myth implanted by Satan and supported by theologians. God does not hate you. He loves you! This belief that man has immortality from birth causes fear, worry, unhappiness, misery, the murder of children, and immeasurable harm to the true Christianity.

Man is born as a mortal being with the capability of becoming immortal. With the one exception of Jesus Christ, the following list details the possibilities for every human who has ever been born or ever will be born:

            Human Life Plan According to the Scriptures

1)  Each human is born as a mortal being into the kingdom of man.
     This birth is of water.

2)  If a human accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior at anytime
     while that human is living, that human becomes an heir to
     eternal life.

3)  After Jesus returns to the earth, the heirs to eternal life
     will receive their inheritance when born again as spiritual
     beings which live forever. This is a spiritual birth.

4)  Those humans choosing not to accept Jesus will be cast into
     the lake of fire and quickly suffer their second and permanent
     death. They will never live again. Since they were resurrected
     as physical bodies and not spiritual bodies, they are not saved
     from the second death in hell.

5)  All humans are now dead at this point. Those born again as
     spiritual bodies are no longer humans. They are spiritual
     children of God who will now rule and maintain the earth
     under their Lord and brother, Jesus Christ, forever and ever.

Thus, based on the scriptures, the possibilities for each individual human are definitely not as horrible as we have been taught for nearly two thousand years!

The true possibilities are infinitely better!

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