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This website is dedicated to Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary Yates; and other children murdered over the years by their misguided Christian parents in a futile effort to send them immediately to heaven to live with God for eternity!

If you know someone who is missing from the dedication list below, please e-mail us the victim's name and any substantiating information. The victim must be a child whose murder was justified by the belief that he or she was being sent to heaven to live eternally with God or saved from spending eternity in hellfire. The event does not need to be recent. If the information can be verified, that innocent child's name will be added to the growing list of victims. Click here to e-mail us. The list is ordered by date; with the most recent verified event at the top of the list:

    Date of
Name of Child Age      Death                                     Circumstances
Antonio Lopez    9 July 19, 2005    Magdalena Lopez murdered her two sons
Erik Lopez    2 July 19, 2005    Antonio and Erik on July 19, 2005 in Dyer,
   Indiana. Police reported that she beat her
   two sons to death with a ten-pound
   dumbbell because she thought they'd be
   better off in heaven. Both deaths were
   caused by massive skull fractures. Mrs.
   Lopez was quoted as saying, "They're in a
   much better place now."

Margaret Schlosser 10mo  Nov 23, 2004    Suffering from postpartum depression,
   Dena Schlosser severed both of her
   daughter's arms in Plano, Texas on
   November 23, 2004; in a bout of
   religious fervor. Ten month old
   Margaret did not survive.

Joshua Keith Laney    8 May 10, 2003    Suffering from postpartum depression, an
Luke Allen Laney    6 May 10, 2003    intensely devout Deanna Laney murdered
   two of her sons and severely injured a third
   near Tyler, Texas on May 10, 2003. She
   was found not guilty by reason of insanity,
   and is now (2006) in the state mental
   facility at Rusk, Texas.

Samantha Mae Martin    6 Mar 29, 2002    Sherry Marie Delker murdered her daughter
   Samantha on March 29, 2002 in
   Austintown, Ohio. Mrs. Delker admitted
   to running her daughter down with her car
   outside a church. Police said she wanted
   to send her daughter to a "better place."
   Sherry Delker is now serving twenty
   years to life in prison.

Noah Yates    7 June 20, 2001    A severely depressed Andrea Pia Yates
John Yates    5 June 20, 2001    drowned her five children Noah, John,
Paul Yates    3 June 20, 2001    Paul, Luke, and Mary in the bathtub of
Luke Yates    2 June 20, 2001    her Clearlake area home in Houston,
Mary Yates 6mo  June 20, 2001    Texas, on June 20, 2001. Although Mrs.
   Yates was found guilty on two counts
   of capital murder, she now (February 2006)
   awaits a second trial in Houston. Her
   first conviction being overturned due
   to erroneous testimony by psychiatrist
   Dr. Park Dietz.

Nicholas Lemak    7 Mar 4, 1999    Marilyn Lemak murdered her three children
Emily Lemak    6 Mar 4, 1999    on March 4, 1999 in their Naperville,
Thomas Lemak    3 Mar 4, 1999    Illinois home. Mrs. Lemak feed the children
   peanut butter laced with antidepressants,
   laid them down to sleep, then smothered
   them with her hands. She wanted to kill
   the children and herself so they could
   be reunited in a happier place. "She
   perceived herself as a loving mother
   tenderly taking her children into another
   existence," stated psychiatrist Philip

Kouaeai Hang   11 Sept 3, 1998    On September 3, 1998, Khoua Her
Samson Hang    9 Sept 3, 1998    strangled her six children in St. Paul,
Nali Hang    8 Sept 3, 1998    Minnesota. She then hanged herself in a
Tang Lung Hang    7 Sept 3, 1998    failed suicide attempt. Khoua had become a
Aee Hang    6 Sept 3, 1998    Christian after immigrating to the United
Tung Hang    5 Sept 3, 1998    States, and thought she would be reunited
   with the children in the afterlife.
   Prosecuter Chris Wilton stated, "I know
   that she did this for religious reasons."
   Khoua Her was sentenced to fifty years
   in prison.

Justin Thomas Riggs    5 Nov 4, 1997    Christina Marie Riggs smothered her two
Shelby Alexis Riggs    2 Nov 4, 1997    children Justin and Shelby with a pillow in
   Sherwood, Arkansas. She then attempted
   suicide by swallowing twenty-eight Elavil
   tablets and injecting enough potassium
   chloride to kill five people. Incredibly,
   she survived. Although the motivation for
   this crime appears to be the unhappy
   circumstances of Mrs. Riggs life, there is
   evidence that her religious beliefs as a
   minimum made the crime easier to commit.
   She requested and received the death
   penalty, then fought for her right to
   die. From death row, she told an
   interviewer, "I'll be with my children and
   with God. I'll be where there's no more
   pain. Maybe I'll find some peace." She
   was executed by lethal injection outside
   Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on May 3rd of 2000.
   In her last statement she proclaimed, "Now
   I can be with my babies, as I always

Christina Gindorf 23mo  Mar 28, 1985    Suffering from postpartum depression and
Jason Gindorf 3mo  Mar 28, 1985    feeling totally alone and helpless in the
   world, Debra Lynn Gindorf fed her twenty-
   three month old daughter Christina and three
   month old son Jason lethal doses of crushed
   sleeping pills in a cup of juice. She then
   unsuccessfully attempted suicide. She
   believed she and her babies would be
   reunited in heaven, where they would be
   safe and happy together for eternity.

Every human including children must make their own personal choice regarding Jesus! Their mothers or fathers cannot make it for them. We are taught that innocent children go immediately to heaven upon their death. This is not the case. God created them with freedom of choice so that they could choose whether or not to accept Jesus as their Savior. It is their individual decision, not their parents. No one can choose for them. Children who die in their innocent years will make this decision after being resurrected as mortals and reaching maturity following the Second Coming of Jesus.

Christians must convince themselves that the above paragraph is correct! The message that every individual chooses his or her personal fate regardless of their age at death must replace the false message that murdered children go immediately to heaven for eternity. The price for not preaching this truth will be paid with the small dead bodies of sacrificed children! If we continue to teach this false theology, these "Christian" sacrifices will continue in the future! Read Myth One for FREE, save the lives of innocent children, then proudly spread the truly good news of the gospel!
Help stop the list below from growing longer!

What You Can Do!
We have only a short moment in time before the tragic Yates event is forgotten and relegated to history. In this moment, do two things. First, support efforts to better understand, prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illnesses such as postpartum depression which can result in these tragedies. Secondly, ask your pastors to discuss, study, and debate the theology relied on by these mentally ill mothers to justify their acts. Part of your pastors job is to answer your questions. Stand up and be counted! You can make a difference!

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