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   Satan's Lie

"Ye shall not surely die." Man has believed in his immortality ever since Satan spoke that lie. Since we live forever, we must live somewhere. Christians proclaim they spend eternity in heaven while all others burn in hell forever. Many follow the wide road to hell, while few take the narrow path leading to heaven. The only exception is innocent children, who go to heaven upon their death. Is it any wonder that some depressed Christian mothers murder their children and send them immediately to heaven?

Read Myth One or Satan's Lie, which is free to all, and discover that the truth is better than anything you have ever been told! Myth One disproves the immortal soul myth that man is immortal at birth. Immortality is the reward of the saved, not something man possesses as a birthright. Read Myth One, end the fear, be set free, and save the lives of innocent children!

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Myth One proves through scriptural references that no one will suffer eternally in hell! Man's first birth is as a human with a maximum life span of 120 years. After his first death, man is simply dead. If man accepts Jesus as his Savior, he becomes an heir to eternal life. Upon the Second Coming of Jesus, the heirs to eternal life are born a second time (or born again) as spirits which live forever. The unsaved are resurrected from their graves as humans. Those who do not accept Jesus as their Savior are cast into the lake of fire and die their second human death. The death is eternal, not their act of dying! They will never live again. Those born again as spirits then rule the earth forever with their Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Do not fear the truth. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The first false belief we are taught is that all humans are born with immortality. This is the immortal soul myth, or Myth One. Read Myth One and show me where I have misunderstood the scriptures! Our email address is at the bottom of every chapter for this purpose.

                                            Myth One or Satan's Lie

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                                          Chapter  1 -- All the Dead Children
                                          Chapter  2 -- False Teachings
                                          Chapter  3 -- Myth One
                                          Chapter  4 -- Sleep Versus Death
                                          Chapter  5 -- Testaments and Covenants
                                          Chapter  6 -- Myth One - So What?
                                          Chapter  7 -- Myth One Goal
                                          Chapter  8 -- The Resurrections - What Really Happens
                                          Chapter  9 -- "Interpreting the Bible"
                                          Chapter 10 -- The Unpardonable Sin
                                          Chapter 11 -- No Heterosexuals in Heaven
                                          Chapter 12 -- Being Born Again
                                          Chapter 13 -- Faith
                                          Chapter 14 -- Poor Word Choice
                                          Chapter 15 -- Works
                                          Chapter 16 -- The Age of Accountability
                                          Chapter 17 -- Almost Unknown Bible Facts
                                          Chapter 18 -- Bible Easy To Understand?
                                          Chapter 19 -- Human Longevity
                                          Chapter 20 -- "Proofs" That Man Has An Immortal Soul
                                          Chapter 21 -- Interventions
                                          Chapter 22 -- Sermons I've Heard - Plays I've Seen
                                          Chapter 23 -- Bible Lessons
                                          Chapter 24 -- Answered Prayers
                                          Chapter 25 -- Today is the Day of Salvation
                                          Chapter 26 -- Heaven and Hell - Real Places?
                                          Chapter 27 -- When We All Get To Heaven?
                                          Chapter 28 -- The Sabbath and the End Times                                                
                                          Chapter 29 -- Mysteries of the Universe
                                          Chapter 30 -- God's Underdogs
                                          Chapter 31 -- Conclusion

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